Lookout Mountain

  • Lookout Mtn, TN 37350

Lookout Mountain - Wikipedia

Lookout Mountain is a beautiful landmark seen from any vantage point in Chattanooga.  It is also one of the most beautiful and serene neighborhoods in the Chattanooga area.  

Lookout Mountain towers approximately 800 feet above the surrounding neighborhoods.  It is really a plateau that spans from Lookout Point (the tip of the mountain you see from downtown) all the way southwest, through Georgia, and eventually into Alabama.  Here you will find houses ranging from affordable bungalow and cottage-style homes to luxury mansions.

Lookout Mountain was traditionally a summer retreat for the citizens of Chattanooga. You will notice a distinct temperature inversion traveling up the mountain.  The steepest train ride in the country – the Incline Railway – is still operating! This used to be the primary way people got to the top of the mountain. 

On top of Lookout there are fantastic views of the City and the surrounding vicinity.  Lookout Mountain has miles of scenic hiking trails, parks, and other protected natural areas.  There are two elementary schools on top of Lookout Mountain: one in Tennessee, the other in Georgia.  The “Tennessee side” is a smaller community of homes, while the “Georgia Side” stretches out to include horse farms and farmsteads. 

The travel time to the top of Lookout Mountain to downtown is roughly 20 minutes. 

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