Downtown Chattanooga

  • Chattanooga, TN 37402

Downtown Chattanooga has undergone perhaps one of the most transformative revitalizations in the country. 

Twenty-five years ago, downtown Chattanooga was little more than a collection of warehouses, abandoned store fronts and the offices of TVA.  After five o’clock the area was usually a ghost town.  What a difference a quarter century has made!  The creation of the world-famous Tennessee Aquarium in 1992 was a catalyst for development and rejuvenation that has not yet stopped!  There are currently dozens (and dozens) of fantastic restaurants, coffee shops and bars that cater to a thriving night life.  Hundreds of condominiums and townhomes have been built in the last two decades offering everything from affordable studio apartments to luxury living. 

Downtown is really a collection of micro-neighborhoods, all within walking distance of one another. There is the Riverfront area, featuring a wonderful promenade, riverfront park and pier reaching out into the Tennessee River, The Bluff View Arts District where one can stroll art galleries and sculpture gardens, Southside, which features award winning restaurants and music venues, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where hundreds of students populate the Fort Wood Historic District and MLK neighborhoods. There is also the wonderfully vibrant neighborhoods of historic Highland Park and the Glenwood Historic District, just a mile or so east of the University. 

The famed Walnut Street walking bridge connects downtown to the hip neighborhood of North Chattanooga and Coolidge Park.  There are dozens of locally owned shops along Frazier Avenue and Manufacturers Road. 

If you are seeking a vibrant scene, downtown is where it’s at!

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